Infertility at work

My boss will now become the VP of Operations and the owners’ wife will become my new boss, at least temporarily… That can be good… that can be bad… she’s very demanding and unforgiving of ANY mistakes. Im officially nervous!

Due to the new situation I had to let her know that every month I have a series of endless doctor visits to fulfill where they monitor every single growth and progress my ovaries make and that I would possibly be doing insemination soon, depending on how things would progress this month…

Today i took a HPT and it was negative… I think I’m so used to getting negative results that this one didn’t even affect me… like at all! I’m kinda surprised at my lack of reaction.. normally i don’t even test because it builds some expectation even when i know it will be negative, but this time nada!

This month I’ll be moving on to Gonal-F injections with an Ovidrel trigger shot, really expensive but hoping that it will make the difference that we needed… if I have 2+ follies we are doing IUI for sure! I thin about having twins all the time! That’s the only way my heart would really rest in peace… I think even if I do get pregnant with a singleton I would still have this uneasy feeling that my dream of having 4 kids wont become reality… at least if I get 2 at once, then I only need to get 2 more in the next 3-4 years and I could actually do this!

If it doesn’t work out, we’ll be doing IVF… this decision feels good but makes me very uneasy… It offers the highest chances of pregnancy but if it doesn’t work I’ll be devastated because we will have exhausted all options at that point…

Anyways, Im in for a long ride… on top of my 45 hour work week and the food truck I run on the side, I’ll have to make up for lost time at work which means I’ll be at the office from 7:30 – at least 7pm every night to cover for my doctor visits… ai ai ai… I hope I survive this.


About Love,DANI

I have recently developed Obsessive Compulsive Blogging Disorder in order to mask the fact that my ability to procreate might be fully dependent on my bank account balance. Some think I'm bossy others think I'm soft, but the truth is I'm a sugglebunny she-ra wine drinking slave working alpha bitch that just wants to have some goddamn babies. is something I've always wanted to do since I was a kid and decided to write down all the things my mom did wrong but blogs didn't exist. So I take notes of things I want to teach my imaginary kids, good and bad. You'll find that I fluctuate between loving and crazy wannabe mom. I hope my kids will read this someday. This one is for my bitches and I write about whatever I want, whatever thought is on my mind that day. Beware, I freely curse ad I'm a firm believer that swear words are here to emphasize my thoughts.

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