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The Silver Lining Weekend

I had the perfect weekend planned out! On Saturday we were doing a hike, on Sunday we got hooked up with discounted tickets for the water park on a private event and on Memorial Day my sister had planned a beach day with all our friends to celebrate her birthday. It was going to be fun and sunny like it hasn’t in a while. Why can’t things go as planned for once? Just once!

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9DPIUI – Cycle Update

Today is actually 10dpiui and I don’t think that this cycle worked. I had sore boobies for a few days and felt some ovary pain, some cramps too, but I don’t feel anything anymore, except for moodiness….   so I’m thinking PMS. I’ll be very surprised if the test comes out positive considering the low count we had, but I guess anything can happen. I’m choosing to accept that this is a bust cycle so my disappointment isn’t so great when I see that BFN.

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Life Can Be So Cruel…

life is cruelLife can be so cruel sometimes… It really feels like it’s just pranking me left and right, then laughing behind my back. Bitch!

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Today is a Beautiful Day to Make a Baby

beautiful dayAfter an awesome but rainy camping weekend with all our friends, today we woke up to a beautiful sunny Hawaiian day that just screamed perfection. I was in my best mood and it just felt like the perfect day to make a baby.

Husband’s collection was scheduled at 10:45 and the IUI at 11:45, but we chose to go together and just be with each other during the whole time. Everything was going perfect, the day was beautiful, we arrived early. We go to the lab to “perform” and they walk us to the collection room. Why didn’t anybody tell me how awkward this would be?

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Manual to Surviving Mother’s Day & Why I Will Never Eat Kale Chips

surviving mother's day1)      Buy plenty of booze.

2)      Drink it. The end.

Mother’s day is nothing more than a made up holiday created by people who work at greeting card companies and whose parents weren’t murdered. Try not to sweat it too much.

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Prepping for IUI – Diagnosed with Endless Doctor Visititis

This is my first attempt at editing one of these Vlogs so don’t mind my (lame) skills, focus on the message. This was recorded yesterday (5/8/14) on my way to and back from the doctor in preparation for my very first IUI. Now let’s sick back and watch and judge and wag our fingers.




Stick Figure Family Stickers – You’re Not That Skinny!

stick fugure familyHey, you! What’s the deal with all the stick-family-car-stickers-cars bragging about how many times they’ve had unprotected sex and it worked?

This is out of control! This has gone too far! I saw a “position open” stick figure family stick and they apparently were casting for the mom position… well, it could have been the dad too…you never know these days.

One a side note… I might just get one one those one day and I don’t plan on adding my IUI doctor in the picture…in case you were wondering.


Vlogging or V-logging? Either way, here I come!

Where is this blogging addiction going to end? Holy shit, I totally switched from obsessing over infertility to obsessing over blogging about infertility. Started a Vlog! How do you pronounce this fucker, is it Vlog, or V-log?

I have always posted videos on YouTube (on a different account) but I have now decided to do it for real. It’ll be so great to watch all this stuff when I’m 60 years old. Maybe not, considering all the wrinkles I’ll have on my face at that age. Hopefully I’ll still be able to see the videos by then but not so great that I won’t notice the wrinkles so much. #foreverhopeful

The Vlog/V-log is still a baby, I’m still learning and have many improvements to make in art and editing skills. I’m moving 4 videos over from a different account, so they’ll have the same upload, but just this once. Good news! My husband has finally decided to jump on board and do this with me! I’m super stoked about that. I’m sure he’ll take baby steps on letting me record him but I’ll creep in little by little. It’ll just make the videos so much more fun to watch later.

Disclaimer: don’t let my usage of the word “fun” in this post fool you into believe these posts are actually fun to watch hahahha. I’m just ranting about my cycle and doctor visits for now but I’ll get good at this — I promise — and we’ll make more videos about our life and where we life.



Cycle Update – No Longer Unmonitored

heartI went to see IVF Doctor#2 this week… he’s not an IVF pusher like IVF Doctor #1 at all!! But the bad side is that none of my appointments will be covered for IUI because here in Hawaii only IVF is covered, and only once. The cost for an IUI cycle with Doctor#2 was too high for me to pay 100% out of pocket…

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Know Thy Origins


Why do kids draw their parents in the shape of penises? They know where they come from that’s why.

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