Vlogging or V-logging? Either way, here I come!

Where is this blogging addiction going to end? Holy shit, I totally switched from obsessing over infertility to obsessing over blogging about infertility. Started a Vlog! How do you pronounce this fucker, is it Vlog, or V-log?

I have always posted videos on YouTube (on a different account) but I have now decided to do it for real. It’ll be so great to watch all this stuff when I’m 60 years old. Maybe not, considering all the wrinkles I’ll have on my face at that age. Hopefully I’ll still be able to see the videos by then but not so great that I won’t notice the wrinkles so much. #foreverhopeful

The Vlog/V-log is still a baby, I’m still learning and have many improvements to make in art and editing skills. I’m moving 4 videos over from a different account, so they’ll have the same upload, but just this once. Good news! My husband has finally decided to jump on board and do this with me! I’m super stoked about that. I’m sure he’ll take baby steps on letting me record him but I’ll creep in little by little. It’ll just make the videos so much more fun to watch later.

Disclaimer: don’t let my usage of the word “fun” in this post fool you into believe these posts are actually fun to watch hahahha. I’m just ranting about my cycle and doctor visits for now but I’ll get good at this — I promise — and we’ll make more videos about our life and where we life.




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  1. I think it’s “vlog” (like blog, but with a v). I love your vlog so far, I enjoy watching it. I love listening to you talk, you have a beautiful accent!

  2. I love the Vlog!

  3. I loved your new Vlog! I am listening to someone else say exactly what I’m thinking, which makes me feel like we are both just right about everything!

  4. Loved the vlog! Keep em coming 🙂

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