IVF Tales – You Choose The Ending

imagesWhen I finally felt like this was it, it’s gonna happen, it’s now or never… Doctor swoops in and pushes the whole thing back by 2 months!! The jury is out, I’m going insane in 1, 2, 3…

We made the decision to move forward with IVF and we envisioned that by July we would know if we’re pregnant or not. I was surprised to find out that the first step is to take birth control pills… I mean, really? Sounds so counter intuitive especially to desperate mom wannabes such as myself. But it’s OK, I’ll take one for the team…

So I go to the Dr’s office again and he says that he doesn’t want to do a fresh transfer…(??)… that there are some studies that suggest that waiting a month before doing the transfer MAY increase success rates. Dr. Google also agrees, however, there seems to be no difference for women that are less than 35 years of age. This would mean that I’m on birth control pills for the rest of the month, the I’ll do the stim phase in July and the transfer won’t happen until August. I might jump in front of a bus before that. (just kidding, don’t freak out)

I could suggest that I wanna do the fresh transfer but I feel really awkward about that… It might sound like I don’t trust his professional opinion and that’s not the case. At the same I’m not convinced that waiting a month will make a significant difference for me in the first place because I’m 31 and have high chances with fresh or frozen transfer.  Plus I would probably have to pay $1300 extra for the freezing, which I wasn’t planning on doing…

I’m also scared of choosing to go with the fresh transfer, choosing to not freeze the embryos and then not getting pregnant… I would have to wait until October so I can change insurance providers to Kaiser, then wait to get authorization to get started with another fresh cycle.

Really don’t know what to do here… money is definitely a factor because if we have to pay for ICSI and for freezing, we wont have money to pay for the FET, which is almost double the price of the fresh cycle (my out of pocket expense).

The suggestion box is open…





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  1. I say wait until you know how many embryos/eggs you have. The hubs and I had a number in our head that was the deciding factor. If you have enough to freeze why not do a fresh? And for the record, Dr Google is a fraud. Just saying.

    • Well, the reason i didnt want to freeze is that it costs me $1300 to freeze and $5K for a FET, while on my fresh its $3K. If I have to pay for ICSI (which we still dont know if we’ll pay out of pocket or if insurance will cover it) and the freezing I wouldn’t have the money for the FET unless I borrow it. I would totally be OK with that pl;an (even if I had to borrow) if it wasn’t for the fact that in Sept/Oct I can switch to Kaiser and they would cover another fresh cycle and the co-pay is really small.. so I’m torn…

      So, its like, whether we can 1 or 10 embryos, it doesn’t make a difference.. I think I’ll decide based on how hard it is to do the fresh cycle..

      I’m totally down for a fresh… but the doctor insists that doing a FET on the following month might increase my chances 5-10%.. which is worth it if it were true for my age group…

  2. Jeez, that’s not what I would have expected either. I though they only pushed for a frozen transfer when there was a snag during the cycle of the retrieval. News to me too! Sorry you’re dealing with this. That price for the FET seems so high, my office only charges 1k or 1500, can’t remember the exact amount.

    • I know!! Its super high! I was expecting it to be lower than the fresh transfer and was really surprised when they told me how much it was… I feel like we should do only the fresh transfer and if it doesn’t work I can switch insurance providers in sept/oct and do another fresh cycle… but I’m scared of it not working and then I’m feeling shitty about my choices..

      • It’s one of those things where you’re damned if you do, but you’re damned if you don’t. Here’s my opinion, take it for what it’s worth, I would go through with the retrieval….and see what the number of eggs is. If say 4 or more are fertilized and good I would go ahead with a fresh transfer of 2 and freeze 2 just in case, and you can do one FET from that cycle. Then if both of those fail move on like you said. If you end up with 2 or less fertilized eggs maybe hold off and wait for the FET.

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