Preparing for Iselle and Julio – AAAGGGHHH!

2014-08-05 09_47_47-Document1 [Compatibility Mode] - Microsoft WordNo, I’m not pregnant with Iselle and Julio…

Peeps, there’s a hurricane coming our way and I don’t know what to do!! Actually there are 2, Iselle and Julio. We’ve had storms but never a hurricane… what do I do? Please help me think ahead cuz Im freaking out!We live on the country side of the island so if the hurricane stays this strong we’ll probably be stuck here for a few days with no water or power because several poles will be on the ground, for sure! Im also scared for my house… calling it a shack would be more appropriate… I might be homeless comes Monday.

I know I need canned foods and I’m also going to make 2 batches of cornbread before the storm hits on Thursday (because I’m addicted and I can’t grill corn bread).

Im also buying:

– Canned foods

– Water jugs

– Crackers

– Batteries

– Dried  and fresh (unrefrigerated) fruits

– Granola bars

– Gasoline

– Charcoal

– Beer and wine (of course)

To prepare I will:

– Fill the bathtub with water

– charge all the camera’s batteries

– bake as much as possible before there’s no power

– move everything indoors

– plywood the windows

Thankfully we already have a generator and we also have a food truck so, we might actually make some money after the storm… provided the food truck doesn’t fly away in the wind…

How do I secure our cars? We don’t have a garage… any suggestions?

What about things to do so I’m not super bored?

How do I keep my dog calm? I was thinking benadryl…



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I have recently developed Obsessive Compulsive Blogging Disorder in order to mask the fact that my ability to procreate might be fully dependent on my bank account balance. Some think I'm bossy others think I'm soft, but the truth is I'm a sugglebunny she-ra wine drinking slave working alpha bitch that just wants to have some goddamn babies. is something I've always wanted to do since I was a kid and decided to write down all the things my mom did wrong but blogs didn't exist. So I take notes of things I want to teach my imaginary kids, good and bad. You'll find that I fluctuate between loving and crazy wannabe mom. I hope my kids will read this someday. This one is for my bitches and I write about whatever I want, whatever thought is on my mind that day. Beware, I freely curse ad I'm a firm believer that swear words are here to emphasize my thoughts.

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  1. I hope that everything ends up okay for you!!

  2. You could keep the dog calm as long as you are there. Also the cars there is really nothing you can do about them, try not to park under or near any trees. Also board games, cards, and puzzles usually keep up pretty busy. You need a source for lights as well, You don’t want to waste your gas to use the generator just for one light – Flame less candles, battery operated light stick, and also small oil lamps.. & Maybe a battery operated fan. I hope everything is okay. When do yall exspect landfall?

    • wow, I had not thought of most of these things! Thanks so much! I hope Costco still has battery lit candles! It’s supposed to hit the 1st island on Thursday night.. but I’m hoping it will just be a storm…

      • Ill be praying for you and we live right off the gulf so we usually get pretty bad storms around here. Im glad I could help & ill def. be keeping watch.

      • My main the concern is the house… homes here are not built like in the mainland.. a lot of homes have no foundation and have single walls (this probably makes no sense to you) and will just fly away of we get a real hurricane… Thank you for your prayers, we’ll need them!!

      • That is so scary. I will pray for yall. And please stay safe. I will for sure be looking for your update after the storm.

    • Im probably not going to work on Friday, too windy to drive plus I dont want to leave my dog alone.. I may also give her some benadryl if the thunder scares her… Great idea on the board games! already gathered all the flashlights and candles so I know where they are.. we’ll probably have no power. It hits the 1st island on Thursday and will hit my island on Friday morning…

  3. Thinking of you, I hope the storm doesn’t hit you too hard!

  4. Scary! I don’t know how to help. :/ I hope the storm passes without any issues.

  5. Yikes! Hope you don’t get hit. I’m in Florida so we go through hurricanes often but they usually don’t do too much damage. But it certainly gives the news people something to do!

  6. I don’t have any advice, but it sounds like (with the help of others) you’ve got everything covered. Stay safe. I hope I & J pass with minimal damage xx

  7. I’ll be thinking of you! I’ve been through several and it looks like your list pretty much covers everything. Not sure about the dog, ask your vet, maybe they have a calming medicine they can give. Be safe! Stay away from windows and keep your cars away from trees if possible. Xoxo

  8. I just read that Hawaii had an earthquake on top of these. Just wanted to make sure you and your family are okay. Thinking about you guys.

  9. How’d it go with the storm? Everything ok?

    • It was the lamest storm ever! hahahahah Thank god nothing bad happened but everyone prepared and stayed home waiting for it and nothing happened… The news was saying that the storm dissipated a bunch after it hit the 1st island (cuz it has really tall mountains) but that we should still expect 50mph winds and a floods… it barely even rained… If I dropped a feather it would have made more wind… and then Julio… well, lets just say that for the 2nd hurricane I went to the beach and got a nice tan! 😉

      • I’ve been through a lot of those! That’s why we have a lot of hurricane parties here in FL, lol. I almost posted that before, but I was like, man I’m gonna feel like crap if I her house blows away after I tell her not to worry! Better to be prepared I guess 🙂

      • Hahaha my other Floridian friend said the same thing!

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