IVF | FET | 5dp5dt – Symptoms

Ok, so after the transfer I had cramps for 48 straight hours. Consulted with Dr. Google and he thinks that’s a good sign and that it could e implantation pains. But in order to to give me too much hope (or maybe not to get sued), he also says that it could NOT be implantation pains. I choose to believe the former.

Couple days pass… I peed on a stick (yesterday) and see nothing. O_o I was certain I would see something. I freak out and spend all afternoon researching about progesterone levels and watch every video on YouTube that mentions 4dp5dt. At night I felt a strange twinge on my last ovary… strange. Thought that implantation would be done by now? What could that be?

Today, 5dp5dt, I can’t stop peeing! I’m half way through my 2nd glass of water — I’m paying attention because my TTC friends and I have some challenges and one of them is drinking 8 cups of water per day — and I’ve already peed like 4 freaking times! As soon as I sit down the damn bladder whines! That’s a good sign right?

I haven’t felt anything else… trust me, I’m looking. My boobs will soon fall out from being squeezed this often. No nausea. No change in nipple color. No bloat. No constipation. Nada! Some forgetfulness but honestly, I cant credit that to pregnancy… I was born retarded already and can’t remember shit.

Is it too soon to assume that peeing this much is due to pregnancy? I know its only been 5 days since transfer, but keep in mind that means 10 or 11dpo in normal cycles… I just wanna feel sick already so I can know for sure!



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  1. Hang in there!! The boob theory I think proves correct for maybe a third of the population…that’s my own personal stat haha. I have a disdain for the “are your boobs sore?” Test for pregnancy. I was peeing a lot almost immediately after. And tiredness. That was it. Are you going to hold off testing again or are u testing daily now?

    • I didnt want to admit it but I peed on the stick again today O_o.. still nothing… I stopped myself from buying a FRER last night just to give in this morning and pee on a cheapie that gives no results until later in the pregnancy… But Im not acting crazy like yesterday… the constant peeing situation made me calm! LOL Im glad to know you started peeing right after! My BFF too.. Thats a great sign!

  2. Fingers crossed for you! Everyone’s symptoms are different. It’s so hard not to compare but it’ll drive you crazy. Just lay back, relax, and envision those little embryos snuggling up tight in their new home!!! Sending lots of baby dust your way!!! Xoxo

    • Thanks Jess!! How many days after transfer did you get a BFP?

      • I tested at 4 dp5dt (never told anyone lol), it was negative. Then I told myself I would not test again. I ended up testing again at 8dp5dt and it was positive immediately. But I’m with twins. Everyone is different. You’re still early momma! Some people get theirs ASAP it seems and some just have low numbers and don’t get theirs till 8-10 days post transfer. Low numbers mean nothing by the way, tons of women start low and have healthy pregnancies. Sometimes the babes implant late. Did you have assisted hatching?

      • No assisted hatching… did you? I reeeeeeally reeeeeally hope we get twins!!

      • Yes we did, my DR recommends it for frozen transfers. One of our little beans was half out of its shell when we put in!

      • oh wow!! Wish I had known about that… would have asked my doctor! Do you have to pay for that?

      • Of course, you have to pay extra for everything lol! Eh, tons of women don’t get it and are prego! Every DR is different! πŸ™‚

  3. Hang in there girl, the wait is almost over!!! When do you plan to poas again??

  4. What kind of sticks are you using? I had 2 kinds and one showed way before the other. So blame those bfn’s on dull sticks πŸ™‚

    • Internet cheapies… I thought it would have been OK though cuz I read somewhere that they were actuaally pretty sensitive to hcg…its alll I had. I stoop myself from buying FRER, that part Im goof at. The dont POAS is where I fail :/

  5. Here’s to hoping you feel sick soon πŸ˜‰

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