Homemade Pregnancy Test Test

Did this when I was in bedrest… good way to kill time… If you’re curious to know which tests work and which don’t, check it out. XOXO


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I have recently developed Obsessive Compulsive Blogging Disorder in order to mask the fact that my ability to procreate might be fully dependent on my bank account balance. Some think I'm bossy others think I'm soft, but the truth is I'm a sugglebunny she-ra wine drinking slave working alpha bitch that just wants to have some goddamn babies. www.LOVEcomaMOM.wordpress.com is something I've always wanted to do since I was a kid and decided to write down all the things my mom did wrong but blogs didn't exist. So I take notes of things I want to teach my imaginary kids, good and bad. You'll find that I fluctuate between loving and crazy wannabe mom. I hope my kids will read this someday. www.LOVEcomaDANI.wordpress.com This one is for my bitches and I write about whatever I want, whatever thought is on my mind that day. Beware, I freely curse ad I'm a firm believer that swear words are here to emphasize my thoughts.

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  1. Love this!!! I’ll be doing this in a couple of weeks!! I trigger tonight….eeeek! Send me some of your baby dust lady! 🙂 xxx

  2. There are many useful pregnancy test but I really like the bleach one! It really works

  3. Now I want to go pour some bleach in my pee, lol. Interesting tests though! Your husband is a good sport for peeing in a cup for you.

  4. Thank you for posting this video. Your videos give me hope! After lot of struggle with infertility, we moved to ivf and had FET and am currently in the 2ww. It has been 4dp5dt. I am very nervous and have already taken test with ovulation sticks…which had a very very light line. Not sure what that means. I am unable to concentrate on anything other than browsing FET stories. Any words of wisdoms for me please?

    • Im happy my videos helped you! 😊 i did the same thing with the opks and flipped out because i didnt know what it meant to have a positive opk during the 2ww LOL but it ended uo being positive for me so im hoping thats what it means for you too!! Theres nothing i can say that will make you feel less anxious… But time will pass and youll have your positive beta soon!! Heres what happened to me when i took the opk: http://youtu.be/fbemtOKn5X8

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