Monthly Archives: September 2015

I’m a Mom!! It’s sinking in!

3.5 months into it and I still look at my baby in disbelief… He is just so perfect and beautiful and Im so honored to be his mom. Sometimes I feel so undeserving of him, he’s just so precious.

I finally quit my job a couple weeks ago so Im official a SAHM and I love it. Im considering watching a couple babies during the week so I can have some extra income and I also get a better idea on what its like to make multiple kids. Crazy, I know! But times a wastin’! LOL

Benji is currently 3.5 months old and he’s doing great! He can hold his head up pretty well and Im teaching him to roll over. Everyone thinks he looks like an older baby for some reason… maybe its the wrinkles LOL just kidding, he’s got none, he’s perfect, remember?

We spend most of our time at home, which btw is still under construction. Life is gonna stay hectic for a long time. Andy has been working so hard and Im so proud and thankful. I try to not burden him with any house work. I pack his lunches in the morning, I take care if the baby 100%, I cook and clean. Its the least I can do.

Ive been taking Benjji to the beach and he loooooves it!! Im so stoked! Here’s what he looks like right now!


DaniIMG_2400[1] IMG_2537[1] IMG_2445[1]