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Uncomplicating my Complicated Life

download (1)Life is complicated but life is good. With the whole housing issue and my parents situation (with housing and the food truck and all the stresses that it brings to my life and my marriage), early pregnancy was stressful, but I somehow, was able to find peace and changed something that was fundamental for me and maybe the biggest lesson of my life, up until now at least. I no longer make plans.   Read the rest of this entry


My First Pregnant Moment

ASpregI leave work at about 5:30 and yesterday in particular I was starving by 5pm. I have friends visiting from Australia so on my way home I called my husband and my parents to tell them we were going out to eat as soon as I got home cuz I could not wait to eat.

When I finally saw everybody it was a fest, I haven’t this seen this friend in years, so there was a lot of catching up and hugging to do. My parents weren’t coming because they wake up at 4am for work so I convinced them to come by going to this Thai restaurant that my dad always wanted to try and offering to pick up their bill. We finally make it to the restaurant there as 1 hour wait. I was hungry but I was happy, I can wait a little bit, I thought. The owner came out and complimented us while we waited.

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My IVF Journey & A Case Of The Butterflies

I’ve read so many posts about how emotionally difficult the IVF process is and the strain it puts on relationships. A therapist told us that many couples seek therapy while going through the process and that many of them choose to never do it again, moving on to adoption instead, all due to the high level of stress.

For me, IVF was a scary decision because it was the last door we could open. 

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I Want To Adopt An Older Child… There, I Said It!

downloadNow, there’s no going back! I’ve put it out to the universe and I hope to have the universe’s cooperation into making this happen!

Even before my infertility troubles, adoption has always been one of my “must do life events”. I’ve always wanted to adopt but like everyone that wants to adopt, I dreamed of adopting a small baby that I would nurture and love until they became a beautiful adult… things have changed a little bit in that department.

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Life Can Be So Cruel…

life is cruelLife can be so cruel sometimes… It really feels like it’s just pranking me left and right, then laughing behind my back. Bitch!

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Manual to Surviving Mother’s Day & Why I Will Never Eat Kale Chips

surviving mother's day1)      Buy plenty of booze.

2)      Drink it. The end.

Mother’s day is nothing more than a made up holiday created by people who work at greeting card companies and whose parents weren’t murdered. Try not to sweat it too much.

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Stick Figure Family Stickers – You’re Not That Skinny!

stick fugure familyHey, you! What’s the deal with all the stick-family-car-stickers-cars bragging about how many times they’ve had unprotected sex and it worked?

This is out of control! This has gone too far! I saw a “position open” stick figure family stick and they apparently were casting for the mom position… well, it could have been the dad too…you never know these days.

One a side note… I might just get one one those one day and I don’t plan on adding my IUI doctor in the picture…in case you were wondering.


Know Thy Origins


Why do kids draw their parents in the shape of penises? They know where they come from that’s why.

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My BFF is Pregnant and She Took My Due Date With Her

happinness cancledWhen you’re trying to get pregnant for a while every pregnancy announcement hits you like a thousand knives. Remember my BFF from a couple posts ago? Well, she had a + pregnancy test today… She’s 37 and has been trying for just 3 months.

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11DPO & Boobies Say Hello…

smokeThere’s a slight chance that they hurt due to me constantly checking it to see if they hurt. This is the phase that no matter how hard I try, my empty womb overrides my good senses and starts symptom checking everything.

My best friend got pregnant at 31 by accident, she had a “pull-out” baby. How ironic is that? She is now 37 (I’m 31) and her periods are super light, which for what I understand also mean that her lining isn’t all that thick. After being a part of my infertility drama, she feels that she should try to get another one before it’s too late for her. We hoped we would be bump buddies…Well, her boobs hurt, she’s 11 dpo like me. She fees that she will get her positive this month. I’m having side effects from her situation…. my hands cant seem to stop squeezing my boobs to double check that its sore.

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