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My IVF Journey & A Case Of The Butterflies

I’ve read so many posts about how emotionally difficult the IVF process is and the strain it puts on relationships. A therapist told us that many couples seek therapy while going through the process and that many of them choose to never do it again, moving on to adoption instead, all due to the high level of stress.

For me, IVF was a scary decision because it was the last door we could open. 

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Manual to Surviving Mother’s Day & Why I Will Never Eat Kale Chips

surviving mother's day1)      Buy plenty of booze.

2)      Drink it. The end.

Mother’s day is nothing more than a made up holiday created by people who work at greeting card companies and whose parents weren’t murdered. Try not to sweat it too much.

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Signs You’ve Been Trying to Conceive for a While



…Feeling sick makes you excited that this is the month even though you know that week old sandwich could be the culprit.

…You look forward to your boobs hurting and you check daily for pain and color changes.

… You touch your boobies more than your husband does.

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Why Brazilians Pee Funny

I know what you’re thinking… what a prejudicial bitch! But much like white people don’t get to use the N word, I’m Brazilian all the way, and so is my va-jay-jay, so I get to say #whateverthefuckIwant.

brazilian-waxing-3In case you’re curious dude just trying to learn more about the workings of the va-jay-jay or a lady who is pondering “should I or should I not”, let me explain. Although not so pleasing on the eyes (at least for me it isn’t) you’ll find out why you have  the carpet down there as soon as you wax and have a pee emergency, forcing you to squat somewhere you probably shouldn’t… that shit just doesn’t flow right. Its like your vag got retarded. Turns out that hair has a purpose after all.

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