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TMI Alert: leaking

tmiAre you guys leaking like crazy or is it just me? I’ve been having a lot of cervical mucus since the very beginning but this past week the leakage has crossed the line! Read the rest of this entry


My Secret Life… Busted!

my secret lifeI started blogging not too long ago and it has made such a positive impact on my life. It’s helped me cope with my issues, emotions, and most importantly helped me connect with a whole community of women who are going through the same hurdle. As time passes, I get more and more involved in social media and I find my virtual life super fun.. to bad my husband doesn’t share the same enthusiasm.

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Confession: I Almost Killed My Husband Last Night

clip-art-rollercoaster-943645It’s no news that women undergoing fertility treatments keep riding the emotional roller coaster over and over again, with no pit stop. It’s also no news that this fucking sucks! I hate roller coasters, whether they’re real or emotional ones.

I came home yesterday in a super happy mode. Husband took Zoe (our dog) to the beach thus removing one task from my night duties, rented a funny movie and bought not 1 but 2 pints of Haagen Dazs! We had all elements of a perfect night schemed up.

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Living life on the extreme

About 2 years ago I developed anxiety.. there were no traumatic events that suddenly changed me, just life… so I started seeing a therapist. At that time I was stuck on the idea that Andy and I needed to move from Hawaii and that Florida was where we should be. Affordable living, affordable homes (the housing market in Hawaii is insane), close to Brazil (my home country and where most of my family lives), and the starting point of so many possible road trips, which we looooove to do and obviously Hawaii is a terrible place for it.

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Is Spontaneity My Enemy?

2014-04-08 15_42_56-Spontaneous - Google Search

I’ve been doing a lot of self analyzing lately and I’ve realized that I didn’t become the person I wanted to be… the person I dreamed of being… For some reason, as much as I don’t care for the approval of others, when it comes to my parents it’s a huge issue. First of all we have totally opposing opinions on everything, which puts me in a predicament all the time… it’s more of an unconscious thing but I find myself thinking “why didn’t I do that?” and can’t seem to find a reason why… let me explain.

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