Its That Time of the Year… 2nd Trimester is Heeeeere!!

images (1)(Oops, thought I had posted this last week!… at any rate, here it is!)

Its finally here… helloooo 2nd trimester! I’ve been feeling pretty good overall. The only symptoms I’ve had were extreme hunger and fatigue. Oh the fatigue… I fall asleep everywhere and all the time. I have recently added a 20 minute bathroom power nap in the morning and one in the afternoon, because just sleeping under my desk during lunch hour wasn’t enough. I’m looking forward to the “wave of energy” that supposedly comes with this new phase of pregnancy. Read the rest of this entry


My First Pregnant Moment

ASpregI leave work at about 5:30 and yesterday in particular I was starving by 5pm. I have friends visiting from Australia so on my way home I called my husband and my parents to tell them we were going out to eat as soon as I got home cuz I could not wait to eat.

When I finally saw everybody it was a fest, I haven’t this seen this friend in years, so there was a lot of catching up and hugging to do. My parents weren’t coming because they wake up at 4am for work so I convinced them to come by going to this Thai restaurant that my dad always wanted to try and offering to pick up their bill. We finally make it to the restaurant there as 1 hour wait. I was hungry but I was happy, I can wait a little bit, I thought. The owner came out and complimented us while we waited.

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Laws of Attraction or Wishful Thinking

I’m still secretly hoping that my embryo split into two and I have two babies in there… but the doctors just haven’t fount it. Just wanted to put that out there for the universe to acknowledge. It’s happened before! This would be an awesome surprise…

The end.





Homemade Pregnancy Test Test

Did this when I was in bedrest… good way to kill time… If you’re curious to know which tests work and which don’t, check it out. XOXO

9 weeks 4 days pregnant! Im graduating to an OBGYN!

Today is a special day, Im graduating to an OBGYN! After 3 weeks of bed rest I was finally released to go back to work and I already miss my bed LOL I made this video last night for my youtube friends…it’s my 9 week pregnancy update! 🙂 Read the rest of this entry

7 Weeks Pregnant! Happy Birthday to me!

I have good news and bad news… This week has been very difficult.

Last week I was at work, going about my business, doing what I do (read obsessively google for anything pregnancy related), when i suddenly noticed some spotting. For what I learnt in my research its totally normal to spot in early pregnancy, but this is the moment that my brain hits the panic button and it overrides my good senses. I obviously freaked out and called the doctor who told me to come in for an ultrasound immediately.

The doctor saw the sac an yolk which was a relief and she explained that even tough spotting is normal at this stage, it’s a concern because in my case it comes with non stop crams…. so I was put on bedrest for a whole week. Here is a video I recorded at my 6th week pregnancy vlog.

Anyways, so I did sen all week in bed and it was sooo hard! I used to dream of the day I could just lay around all day but holy fuck that’s so hard and boring. I’ve watched everything on Netflix and I’ve pinned like 1000 new pins on Pinterest… I’ve also got old habits back and started playing candy crush again… I’m not proud of that.. But at least I finally beat level 425 (only to get stuck again on 437).

I had an appointment on Tuesday with an OBGYN and even though I was on bed rest I decided to keep the appointment… for anxious mamas like myself, every u/s is a great chance t calm down. Andy and I went together. I was 6 weeks and 2 days by then so we didn’t expect to see much, I knew the baby was too small. The doctor surprised us by playing the heart beat of the baby…. we were totally caught off-guard and it was beautiful.

On Wednesday, something wasn’t feeling right. I was still having cramps but they felt different from the initial cramps. At first it was more like localized cramps, in my uterus area. Then it became more like abdominal pain where my whole stomach hurts, from top to bottom.  I went to the bathroom and there was blood, a lot more than Friday… red blood. It was scary. I thought for sure this was all over.

The doctor’s office was already closed so i called them on Thursday and they told me to come in the following morning… 9/26/14, the day of my birthday. Knowing how I’m usually not very lucky and bad shit just happens to me, I thought for sue we were coming in and not having anything in there. Like I said, the week was a hard one…

Friday finally rolls around and we go to the doctor’s office. I kept my eyes closed as the she started analyzing the image on the ultrasound but since I didnt hear any bad sounds, I figured it was safe to look. My baby was still there and the heart was beating. It was such a relief and the best birthday gift I could ask for at this point. I immediately melted.

I was so glad that Andy was there with me.

I’m going to be on bed rest for another week and provided that I don’t bleed again, I can go back to work after the next weekend. The rule is, when I don’t bleed for a week straight I can go back. I need to go back to work soon because we just opened escrow on a house a couple weeks ago so we need to prove we have jobs by the time of closing! It’s been nerve wrecking… Im just trying to stay calm and distracted.

Hope you’re week was good!!





IVF Pregnancy: 4 Weeks Pregnant | We Kicked Infertility in the Face!

Now I can spread baby dust! 🙂


IVF Update – Beta #1 Results

IVF Update: 6dp5dt Live Pregnancy Test

Oh man, I should not have done this! Watch through the end and let me know what you think… Don’t judge based on the beginning of the video…

IVF | FET | 5dp5dt – Symptoms

Ok, so after the transfer I had cramps for 48 straight hours. Consulted with Dr. Google and he thinks that’s a good sign and that it could e implantation pains. But in order to to give me too much hope (or maybe not to get sued), he also says that it could NOT be implantation pains. I choose to believe the former. Read the rest of this entry