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imagesAs much as I’d like to complain about being pregnant and the small uncomfortable situations that pregnancy brings, I remind myself of what it took for us to get here and all of a sudden, all the pain becomes bliss (I hope this “technique” works during labor too)…

…with the exception of acne. That will never be bliss. I fucking hate my face being covered in pimples. Whatever happened to the promised (and expected) pregnancy glow? I got to deal with pregnancy pimples all over my body instead. Read the rest of this entry


Cycle Update – No Longer Unmonitored

heartI went to see IVF Doctor#2 this week… he’s not an IVF pusher like IVF Doctor #1 at all!! But the bad side is that none of my appointments will be covered for IUI because here in Hawaii only IVF is covered, and only once. The cost for an IUI cycle with Doctor#2 was too high for me to pay 100% out of pocket…

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Confession: I Almost Killed My Husband Last Night

clip-art-rollercoaster-943645It’s no news that women undergoing fertility treatments keep riding the emotional roller coaster over and over again, with no pit stop. It’s also no news that this fucking sucks! I hate roller coasters, whether they’re real or emotional ones.

I came home yesterday in a super happy mode. Husband took Zoe (our dog) to the beach thus removing one task from my night duties, rented a funny movie and bought not 1 but 2 pints of Haagen Dazs! We had all elements of a perfect night schemed up.

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My BFF is Pregnant and She Took My Due Date With Her

happinness cancledWhen you’re trying to get pregnant for a while every pregnancy announcement hits you like a thousand knives. Remember my BFF from a couple posts ago? Well, she had a + pregnancy test today… She’s 37 and has been trying for just 3 months.

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