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Laws of Attraction or Wishful Thinking

I’m still secretly hoping that my embryo split into two and I have two babies in there… but the doctors just haven’t fount it. Just wanted to put that out there for the universe to acknowledge. It’s happened before! This would be an awesome surprise…

The end.





9 weeks 4 days pregnant! Im graduating to an OBGYN!

Today is a special day, Im graduating to an OBGYN! After 3 weeks of bed rest I was finally released to go back to work and I already miss my bed LOL I made this video last night for my youtube friends…it’s my 9 week pregnancy update! šŸ™‚ Read the rest of this entry

IVF Pregnancy: 4 Weeks Pregnant | We Kicked Infertility in the Face!

Now I can spread baby dust! šŸ™‚


IVF Update: 6dp5dt Live Pregnancy Test

Oh man, I should not have done this! Watch through the end and let me know what you think… Don’t judge based on the beginning of the video…

My IVF Journey & A Case Of The Butterflies

I’ve read so many posts about how emotionally difficultĀ the IVF process is and the strainĀ it puts on relationships. A therapist told us that many couples seek therapy while going through the process and that many of them choose to never do it again, moving on to adoption instead, all due to the high level of stress.

For me, IVF was a scary decision becauseĀ it was the last door we could open.Ā 

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From FET to PUPO :) I’m Ready!

20140827-052914-19754311.jpgAs I mentioned on my previous post, our FET is this Friday and then I’ll have to stay in bed rest until Monday. What the hell am I going to do in bed this whole time?Ā 

I’m trying to come up with a list and would love some fresh ideas! Here are some of the things I thought:

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I Want To Adopt An Older Child… There, I Said It!

downloadNow, there’s no going back! I’ve put it out to the universe and I hope to have the universe’s cooperation into making this happen!

Even before my infertility troubles, adoption has always been one of my “must do life events”. I’ve always wanted to adopt but like everyone that wants to adopt, I dreamed of adopting a small baby that I would nurture and love until they became a beautiful adult… things have changed a little bit in that department.

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Stick Figure Family Stickers – You’re Not That Skinny!

stick fugure familyHey, you! What’s the deal with all the stick-family-car-stickers-cars bragging about how many times they’ve had unprotected sex and it worked?

This is out of control! This has gone too far! I saw a “position open” stick figure family stick and they apparently were casting for the mom position… well, it could have been the dad too…you never know these days.

One a side note… I might just get one one those one day and I don’t plan on adding my IUI doctor in the picture…in case you were wondering.


How to Ship a Baby in 10 Easy Steps

baby TTC

How to ship a baby in 10 easy steps

All wanna be mamas have been part of a conversation where an actual mama says “you can take my kids any time” or “honey, you’re lucky you don’t have any kids yet”. Although we all wanna curse them (and we do in our heads), here’s an alternativeĀ response.

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To The Vagina Terrorists: You Were Wrong… Conception Is Freaking Hard

infertility ivfI was 16 when I had my first “grinding” episode with a boy. We stopped somewhere between 2nd and 3rd base and I went home with my mind spinning,Ā  “Holy shit, ‘Im gonna get pregnant!”

I grew up in a conservative Catholic family and my mom and all my aunts and several of my cousins got married virgins. Why would anybody choose to do that, its beyond me. It’s like they don’t realize its the 21st century.

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