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Counting Seconds – 15 days until PUPO! 

IVFI can’t believe we are this close!  Im so excited to do this and yet so scared… Im just afraid on what things will be like and what it’ll feel like  if we get a negative result… I have so much faith that this will be a positive but I can’t ignore the fact that the possibility of a negative is there too.. Read the rest of this entry

The (Endless) IVF Cycle Overview – Egg Retrieval Due Next!

ivf egg  retrievalThis is my IVF Cycle Summary… so far. I thought I was a poor responder to stims and boy was I wrong! The normal starting dose of Follistim for IVF cycles is 225IU but because I have a lot of follicles my doctor decided to start me off with a mere 175IU and somehow, my body ran with it…it ran a marathon, producing 55 follicles! As a result my cycle almost got canceld which was nerve wrecking. Doc decides we can still proceed but that we need to reduce my stims. From that point on I was either taking 100IUs of Follistim (which some people do on an IUI cycle so you can have an idea) and 76IU of Menopur, or I was taking nothing… just giving time for my eggies to grow on their own.

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IVF Cycle Update – CD 9

Last few days have been stressful… Doctor wanted to cancel my cycle, didn’t get a hold of me to update my meds, my ovaries are ginormous and I’m scared I’m developing OHSS. I’m one of those people that can’t live without a plan, and right now everything is up in the air… and it kills me!

55 Freaking Follicles!! Wish I Could Birth Them All!

IVFQuick update on this IVf cycle! I’ve just returned from the doctor and she counted 20 follicles on the right ovary and 35 on the left. Holy shit that’s a lot! Their size was Ok too, the largest one was 9×6 cm, so I still have a few good injections to get them ready!

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Ready… Set… Go IVF!


Aloha Kākou!

It’s finally time to get this party on the road! We met with the doctor and she went over all the details of our cycle. We discussed dos and dont’s, risks, legal questions, and schedule. We are very excited to become parents and can’t wait. It feels really good to get to the bottom of things and to be able to move forward with a heart renewed with hope.

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IVF Tales – You Choose The Ending

imagesWhen I finally felt like this was it, it’s gonna happen, it’s now or never… Doctor swoops in and pushes the whole thing back by 2 months!! The jury is out, I’m going insane in 1, 2, 3…

We made the decision to move forward with IVF and we envisioned that by July we would know if we’re pregnant or not. I was surprised to find out that the first step is to take birth control pills… I mean, really? Sounds so counter intuitive especially to desperate mom wannabes such as myself. But it’s OK, I’ll take one for the team…

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The Silver Lining Weekend

I had the perfect weekend planned out! On Saturday we were doing a hike, on Sunday we got hooked up with discounted tickets for the water park on a private event and on Memorial Day my sister had planned a beach day with all our friends to celebrate her birthday. It was going to be fun and sunny like it hasn’t in a while. Why can’t things go as planned for once? Just once!

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9DPIUI – Cycle Update

Today is actually 10dpiui and I don’t think that this cycle worked. I had sore boobies for a few days and felt some ovary pain, some cramps too, but I don’t feel anything anymore, except for moodiness….   so I’m thinking PMS. I’ll be very surprised if the test comes out positive considering the low count we had, but I guess anything can happen. I’m choosing to accept that this is a bust cycle so my disappointment isn’t so great when I see that BFN.

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Life Can Be So Cruel…

life is cruelLife can be so cruel sometimes… It really feels like it’s just pranking me left and right, then laughing behind my back. Bitch!

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Today is a Beautiful Day to Make a Baby

beautiful dayAfter an awesome but rainy camping weekend with all our friends, today we woke up to a beautiful sunny Hawaiian day that just screamed perfection. I was in my best mood and it just felt like the perfect day to make a baby.

Husband’s collection was scheduled at 10:45 and the IUI at 11:45, but we chose to go together and just be with each other during the whole time. Everything was going perfect, the day was beautiful, we arrived early. We go to the lab to “perform” and they walk us to the collection room. Why didn’t anybody tell me how awkward this would be?

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