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Fertility Medication – What To Do With Whats Left?

IVF medications for saleIm seriously thinking about selling my unused injectable medications to pay for my part of IVF loan… does anyone have any idea how I can do that? Here’s what I have and their original prices (of course Im gonna sell for less than their original prices, Im thinking 50% off, depending on which one):

A few pills of Clomid

a few vials of Menopur – $75 each

Ovidrel – $79

Sealed 900IUs Follistim vial (with the pen and needles) – $1618

Sealed 1050IUs Rediject Gonal-F pens (comes with needles) – $1036

Plus these opened ones:

7ooIUs of Gonal-F (I used 200), this may be expired though…

2 vials and 2 pens of Follistim, but I used 100 IUs on one and 75IUs in the other.. but they are only 10 days old, so still good.

If you’re interested or someone that is interested, let me know.


Here is the price list from freedom pharmacy:

55 Freaking Follicles!! Wish I Could Birth Them All!

IVFQuick update on this IVf cycle! I’ve just returned from the doctor and she counted 20 follicles on the right ovary and 35 on the left. Holy shit that’s a lot! Their size was Ok too, the largest one was 9×6 cm, so I still have a few good injections to get them ready!

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I Messed Up My 1st Day of IVF Injections… Oopsie! O_o

Don’t be alarmed! It was all taken care on the following day after I called the doctor. The momentary freak out of day 1 of injections is now in the past and I’m starting to feel like a pro at this already! I’ve done 3 days of injections already and I feel invincible, like I can probably do it all with my eyes closed… Challenge accepted!! LOL